German Fladle Soup

Ok, this isn’t really a new recipe from me, but we had to use the leftover crepes MIL left for us. This is a common soup in Germany (so says Toby), but it usually contains meatballs I believe. It’s really easy to make, but when I asked Toby for the recipe, he says he never measures. šŸ˜¦ SO- you have a bunch of leftover crepes (come on, you know you ALWAYS have that problem- what do I do with all of these crepes??!). You cut them into strips, so that they look like spaghetti. Then you make the soup- it’s basically veggie bouillon, water, a little bit of Knorr powdered veggie bouillon, and some Maggi. If you don’t know about Maggi, you have to try it. It’s basically a bottle of concentrated veggie bouillon, and you add it to anything to make it taste better. So you have your soup base, then you add the cut-up crepes (say “Fladle”), and voila! We enjoyed this simple yet wonderful soup with a green salad.

rating: 9

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