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Virginia Peanut Soup

Here’s another recipe from the cookbook I’ve been using all week: Heavenly Delights. At first I was going to cut everything in half, since it serves 10-12 people. Then I thought, well, 2 quarts halved is only 4 cups (right?). … Continue reading

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Tomato Pie

When I was putting this dish together, I was thinking that maybe there wouldn’t be enough flavor to it, and it would be bland. But I was wrong. This pie is RICH. I think it was almost too rich for … Continue reading

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Super Salsa Dressing

This dressing looks like Thousand Island dressing, but I don’t think it tastes like it. Toby really liked it. I thought it was ok. And I mean, gosh, how much easier could a recipe be? We had this dressing on … Continue reading

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Mushroom Omelette

I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping yesterday, and I had TWO containers of mushrooms that needed to be used quickly. I had to improvise. I decided to make jazzed-up mushroom omelettes for dinner. I sauteed all the mushrooms … Continue reading

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Barbecued Tofu, take 2

Wow- THIS is the barbecue tofu recipe you should try. Granted, this is not a recipe that you wake up in the morning and say, you know, I’m going to make some of this for dinner tonight. This is NOT … Continue reading

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Garlic & Cilantro Soup

OMG, is this soup good! First, let me say that I didn’t exactly follow the recipe. The recipe calls for fresh cilantro, and I bought this cilantro in a tube, since I usually can’t use the fresh herbs fast enough … Continue reading

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Wild Mushroom Pancakes with Chive Butter

I would for sure make these again. The texture was a little bit doughy, but that may have been because I had the batter ready to go for over an hour (Toby’s train was over an hour late getting in). … Continue reading

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we went to Plan B tonight

I was supposed to go to the grocery store today for this week’s meals, but this happened, and then that happened, and well, I never got to it. So tonight for dinner we had Plan B: cheese tortellini, vodka sauce, … Continue reading

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Mock Hollandaise Sauce

This is not the recipe I had planned to make at all. I was going to make this polenta dish that had eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash and asparagus in it. Then I started thinking about how Toby wasn’t going to … Continue reading

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Swiss Chard with Chickpeas and Couscous

This was another recipe that I tore out of a magazine (Real Simple) a while ago and forgot about. To me, this kind of seems like a fall/winter dish, but I made it today anyway. And it was good! I … Continue reading

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