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Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

Wow, I’ve had this recipe for over 2 years and I am just now getting around to making it. These were good! I roasted them for about an hour instead of the 50 minutes. These had a nice cheesy taste. … Continue reading

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White Bean & Rosemary Soup with Roasted Garlic Croutons

Yesterday was a soup-y kind of day, so I decided to try this soup. Making the croutons took the longest. I used the Un-Chicken vegetarian “chicken” stock. I liked this soup more than Toby. I thought it had alot of … Continue reading

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Pizza Cobbler

I’ve actually made this recipe before, but I just left out the pepperoni. It was good that way. I thought I would try it again, and this time use the Quorn Grounds that I am so loving right now. It … Continue reading

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Cheese Ravioli with Toasted Walnuts

This recipe seemed too simple to taste good. Toby didn’t love it because he says that nuts don’t belong IN food, they are best eaten alone. So there you have it. But you know what? He went back for seconds. … Continue reading

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Asparagus, New Potato and Chive Frittata

I have to say, after last night’s dinner, I wasn’t too hopeful for tonight’s, since they came from the same source. I kind of had a feeling that this one would be sort of bland as well, so I changed … Continue reading

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Portobello Wraps

Ugh. These were so bland. I hate low-calorie food that tastes low-calorie, you know? In this recipe, I diced my onion instead of slicing it, and I cut open the pita and stuffed them, rather than the way they suggested. … Continue reading

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More-Peas-if-you-Please Penne

This recipe is actually a recipe for kids to make, so I thought I would give it a try. Toby and I both said that it was bland and the more you ate, the blander it got. I love me … Continue reading

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Banana Banana Bread

I had some bananas that I knew wouldn’t make it until tomorrow, so I googled on what to do with them. The obvious solution? Bake banana bread! I found a simple recipe on, but I tweaked it a little. … Continue reading

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Maple-Mustard-Glazed Potatoes and String Beans

The grocery store I went to on Monday didn’t have string beans (!), and I never got a chance to go to another, so this dish was made without them. But in any case, it was delicious! It was pretty … Continue reading

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Spinach-Ravioli Lasagna

I didn’t think this recipe would be as good as it was. But man, is it rich! You can practically feel your arteries clogging up. But it is good. I only used about half the amount of spinach this calls … Continue reading

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