Cheese spaetzle

Ok, so I didn’t make the actual “spaetzle” part. When my MIL from Germany was in town several weeks ago, she made spaetzle twice. Not familiar with spaetzle? Well, according to Wikipedia, spaetzle are a type of egg noodles and small dumplings found in the cuisine of Germany and regions of neighboring Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary called csipetke, nokedli, halusky, (Spätzle or Little Dumplings),in France (Alsace), and in the Province of Bolzano-Bozen. Got it? 😉 They are really like little macaronis, except they are solid. Anywho, she made extra and we froze them. They can be dressed up lots of different ways. We decided to have the traditional cheese spaetzle. I let the spaetzle thaw out in the fridge for 2 days. Then I chopped up a whole onion (yellow, I believe it was), and browned it in a frying pan with some butter. Once the onion was brown, I threw in the spaetzle. Then I started adding grated cheese. You traditionally use Swiss or Gruyere, but Toby said he thought those were too bitter. I used some sharp Cheddar and a mozzarella/Parmesan mix. I let all of that melt together, then adding a sprinkling of powdered veggie stock. Toby says that is the secret to all of his mother’s dishes. Shhh! I served this with a green salad. This was really good! We should all have some frozen spaetzle in our freezer!

rating: 9


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