Product Review: Veggie Patch Veggie Dogs

I am still trying to find a veggie dog to replace my beloved Morningstar Farms hot dogs (that have been discontinued). I got these at Wal-Mart. Their packaging looks very much LIKE Morningstar Farms products (and was right beside them on the freezer shelf- deceiving!) Instructions are to boil these “dogs”, but after I boiled them, I then pan-fried them a little with some cooking spray. I served them with some mashed potatoes and red cabbage (a favorite German meal Toby’s mother made us one time- the dogs are in place of sausages). These were good! No, they aren’t MSF-good, but they are edible and actually kind of tasty. I will buy them again.  And for those of you watching your points, they are 2 points+ each. Not bad!

rating: 8

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5 Responses to Product Review: Veggie Patch Veggie Dogs

  1. Diane Leyh says:

    You know I am not a vegetarian but I am watching calories and our favorite hot dog place Cosmic Dogs in Mt Pleasant, serves a tofu, (not for me) and a roasted carrot hotdog. With his blue cheese coldslaw and sweet potato mustard, it is better than a hotdog.

  2. Shelly says:

    Now that’s good to know they’re tasty! But does anyone know if they’re 100% vegetarian? In the ingredients it says ‘natural and artificial flavoring’ but the natural flavors is making me nervous.. I emailed them but haven’t heard back from them..

  3. Rebecka says:

    These are the BEST veggie dogs out there. I’m so sad to have learned (today) that they are discontinuing them…We’re going around to all the Wal-Marts and buying all the boxes we can find…lol

  4. There is a new best tasting veggie dog in town and it’s organic and soy free! Check it out:

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