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Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings

This recipe intimidated me, I have to admit. Something about the word “dumpling”. I love them, but to make them, it’s intimidating. I read reviews of this recipe online, and many people said that they added another tablespoon or so … Continue reading

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New Potatoes with Parsley and Saffron

I am always looking for a good side dish, and these fit the bill. And how much easier can it get than throwing everything in one pot and letting it cook? I don’t get to cook with saffron too much, … Continue reading

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Mexican Vegetable Pies

This recipe looks time-consuming and very involved, but it’s really not. Note: this makes TWO pies. One of the pie “crusts” got a little crispier than the other, and that’s the one we preferred. If I make this again, I … Continue reading

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Tortellini en Brodo

This soup came together so fast and was actually really good! I really liked the lemon zest in the soup- you could totally taste it, and it made the broth really light and summery-tasting. You know what I mean? Toby … Continue reading

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White Bean & Sage Pita Burgers

My food processor is just too small, so for recipes like this, I have to use my blender. This was a messy job, but these burgers turned out really well. You know what makes them? The almonds. And I didn’t … Continue reading

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Zucchini Fries

I was a little nervous about making these, considering how Toby feels about zucchini, but these were good! And Toby liked them! Instead of 2 large zucchini, I used 3 small ones, and ended up with a lot of naked … Continue reading

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Product Review: Organic Batter Blaster

I was looking for something else in the refrigerated section of Wegmans, and this caught my eye. How convenient, I thought. And organic? I’m in. So I tried this last weekend. It WAS pretty neat to use…you can practically draw … Continue reading

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