Ploughman’s Lunch

Here’s another Ina Garten-inspired meal. We saw her make this on her special “Barefoot in London”. Do you know what a “Ploughman’s Lunch” is? According to the wonderful internet, it is “a lunch packed for a ploughman to take out into the fields for his lunch. Just where the name or contents of a Ploughmans comes from has been lost in the mists of time though there are records of it mentioned in 18th century literature. ” It usually consists of crusty bread, cheese, some type of meat, chutney, pickles perhaps, and fruit and/or vegetables. In Germany they also have this sort of meal and it’s called “fesper” (not sure if that is spelled correctly). This is a meal where you just kind of throw together whatever you have, but you don’t cook anything. So my ploughman’s lunch consisted of an awesome olive bread, a mix of olives and feta, some brie, an olive tapenade,  carrots, a little bit of Cheddar, and apple wedges. We all loved it and it was so nice to have a night off from cooking!

rating: 9

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One Response to Ploughman’s Lunch

  1. That’s a great lunch!

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