Product Review: Silk Fruity & Creamy Soy Yogurt

I love yogurt. I was on a Chobani 0% Greek yogurt kick for a while, then my grocery story (Wegmans) started carrying their own brand of that (and it was cheaper!), so I started buying that. I was about to grab some the other day when I noticed this sitting on the shelf. I LOVE Silk products, so I got some to try. They only had the blueberry flavor, so that’s what I got. I really liked it! And you know what? It IS fruity AND creamy! It has 140 calories per serving, which is about the same (or less) as my Wegmans brand. And it’s vegan! According to Silk’s website, this also comes in strawberry, peach-mango, black cherry, and raspberry.

rating: 9

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10 Responses to Product Review: Silk Fruity & Creamy Soy Yogurt

  1. I have not seen this – but I love the idea of it. I wonder if I can track some down locally??? Thanks for the review!

  2. peppertree says:

    See if this link works:

  3. anitafreefall says:

    The link given above does not work for this new product (yet). As stated on the Silk web site:

    “Because Silk Fruity & Creamy is a brand-new product, it won’t show up in our online Store Locator for another few weeks. But it’s shipping daily to retailers around the country, so please check your local store.”

    Fruity & Creamy replaces the previous Silk brand of “soy yogurt” – which was called Silk “Live” – and for those of us who have been buying Silk “Live” for years, it is very frustrating that we haven’t been able (yet) to find a store that is carrying the new replacement product.

    To the person who posted the entry saying that you got it at Wegmans and tried it and liked it: do you know if it comes as individual cups, or a package of multiple cups?


  4. peppertree says:

    I bought it as a 4-pack.

    • anitafreefall says:

      Thank you for that info. From the checking around online that i did, i had gotten the impression that it comes in 4-packs only (as opposed to individual cups, the way Silk “Live” was sold). Now, if only Whole Foods and other natural foods stores would get with it and stock these new Fruity & Creamy products — too bad there are no Wegmans out west!

  5. Erin says:

    I buy silk soy milk and almond milk all the time so was very interested to try this yogurt. I did not care for it at all. Yes, it is creamy, and u get a slight fruit taste, but the almond milk flavor over powers it and for all the sugar it has, i feel like it’s lacking flavor. I will not buy it again. In addition, there is hardly any protein in it. I will be sticking with chobani or dannon light/fit greek.

  6. Mariah says:

    Anitafreefall, this yogurt IS sold in individual cups as well. I live in the Midwest and have had MUCH success finding them in all flavors in individuals cups and 4 cups at Kroger and Meijer.

    • anitafreefall says:

      Mariah, thank you SO MUCH for adding your post to this page! Because of the information you gave me, i WAS able to get the yogurt at Ralph’s, which is the name of the Kroger stores in California. I don’t know if there is a Meijer counterpart in California, but i am so grateful to have been able to get it at Ralph’s! Thanks again!

  7. Theresa says:

    I just bought an individual strawberry fruity and creamy yogurt made with soy milk at Wegmans the other day. It was really delicious, a big improvement over Silk’s older soy yogurt product. My favorite soy yogurts are from Whole Soy and Company and Trader Joe’s but this is good as well.

  8. Rae says:

    Near Cleveland, OH you can purchase it at Mustard Seed. I love this stuff but can’t find it in Florida.

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