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Vegetarian Potpie

This recipe just did not work for me. The “filling” never really thickened up, so it really ended up being quite soupy. I did use almond milk in place of the whole milk, so maybe that had something to do … Continue reading

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Garlic Grits Casserole

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Second, try this recipe! This was REALLY good! And it was easy! I bought the Boursin cheese, and when I went to unwrap it to add to the grits, I … Continue reading

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Pesto Crackers

I made these the other night, and they were good, but they were even BETTER the next day, and the day after! They were super easy to make. I chose to use star cookie cutters. Easy! rating: 9 Pesto Crackers … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Steaks with Cheesy Cauli-Puree and Hazelnut Gremolata

This recipe sounded really daunting, but it wasn’t that hard to make. But…I didn’t love it. It was interesting. The cheesy cauliflower puree was good at first, but then I decided I didn’t like it. The cauliflower steaks were good … Continue reading

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Oven-Crispy French Fries With Paprika-Parmesan Salt

These turned out to be a little spicy! And they weren’t that crispy. I much prefer this recipe for fries. rating: 6 Oven-Crispy French Fries With Paprika-Parmesan Salt (Emeril Lagasse from “Fresh Food Fast”) Prep Time:25 min Cook Time:30 min … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Stew

I don’t think I ever really had this dish (or something similar) as a kid, but man, to me, this is COMFORT FOOD! This is one of my favorite dishes ever. And yay, I got to cook with turnips! That … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Soup

Believe it or not, my 7 year old’s favorite vegetable is cauliflower! I am not sure why or how, but I think it’s great! He really liked this soup, but his only comment was that there wasn’t enough cauliflower! And … Continue reading

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Vegan “Egg” Sandwich

I discovered a new vegetarian cooking channel on my Roku the other day! We watched one little segment, and this is what they made. I thought it looked good, but didn’t think anything about it. The next morning (Sat.), at … Continue reading

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Creamy Vegan Dressing

This recipe came from the little monthly insert that’s in each Food Network Magazine. Each month it is 50 different recipes with a theme. One month it was 50 salad dressings, and I am making my way through them! This … Continue reading

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Roasted Caprese Spaghetti

Do you like caprese salads? Then you will love this pasta! The pesto was really good! This wasn’t that complicated to make, and both of my small kids liked it. We did have leftovers, and I ate them for lunch … Continue reading

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