Vegan “Egg” Sandwich

I discovered a new vegetarian cooking channel on my Roku the other day! We watched one little segment, and this is what they made. I thought it looked good, but didn’t think anything about it. The next morning (Sat.), at like 8am, my husband was putting on his coat, and said “Call me crazy, but I am going to the store to get all those ingredients so we can make those sandwiches for breakfast!” Crazy. So this is super easy, and seems so simple (too simple), but yeah, it’s good! That tofu is definitely eggy! The store didn’t have vegan cheese, so I had to use plain ol’ American regular cheese. I will be adding this to our regular breakfast rotation! PS: it was hard to get a good photo of the tofu, so I had to “lift” up the cheese. 😉

rating: 9

Vegan “Egg” Sandwich
(vegetarian cooking show on Roku)


firm or extra-firm tofu
oil for frying
English muffins
vegan mayo (I used Veganaise)
tomato, cut into slices
vegan cheese


Lightly press your tofu to remove some water (wrap in paper towels and put between two plates, with something heavy on top plate). Slice tofu into slices about 1/2″ thick. Use a round cookie cutter (or glass) to cut out circles. Discard rest of tofu (or put it to use in another recipe!). Sprinkle turmeric on each circle of tofu, rubbing it in. Flip circles over and repeat. Pour about 1 tbsp oil in pan and let it get hot (I put my burner on medium- that tofu really splatters). Fry until golden brown on both sides. Top each circle with cheese, if desired. Toast your muffins, add some mayo, add your tofu and tomato.


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  1. Jami @World of a Fat Girl says:

    Reblogged this on World of a FAT girl and commented:
    This is such a great ( and simple ) recipe from The PepperTree. Even before out family started the path back into a vegan lifestyle eggs have always creeped me out for some reason lol

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