Eating vegetarian food in Ireland

Hello! We went to Ireland for 9 days! I tried to take pics of all the food we ate, just to show you what kind of veggie options are available if you ever happen to go to Ireland (and you should!) Ireland wasn’t as veggie-friendly as England was, but you definitely won’t starve. 🙂 Most places had at least one veggie option. We didn’t even look at “ethnic food” menus (like Indian, Italian, etc). We wanted to eat as much “Irish” food as possible. We spent most of our time in the country, not in big cities.

This was our first dinner in Ireland, in Doolin. It’s a vegetable soup served with brown bread.




Then we also had a potato boxty filled with Gruyere, topped with a rocket salad.



In our hotel in Doolin, they served some awesome breakfasts! The oatmeal was so good, I got it both mornings!



Our second dinner in Doolin: veggie crepes served with fries and a salad.



In Tralee, we stayed in a castle! We ate dinner there one night: an awesome pasta!


And had some profiteroles for dessert!


We had lunch in Cork. This dish was called “Vegetarian Tacos”, but was fries, topped with veggies, cheese, and taco sauce. It worked!


We did stop at one tapas place for dinner in Kilkenny, since they had so much to choose from. We had olives, 2 types of bruschetta, some goat cheese/phyllo purses, and a pizza!




Our best dinner in Ireland was in Kilkenny, at the Design Center. I had goat cheese fritters with beet root compote and roast nut salad.



And then I had Herb potato pancake with wild mushrooms, goat cheese, baby spinach, and roast cherry tomato sauce. SOOOO good!




And for dessert: Chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream



We stopped for a little snack in Dublin: coffee and carrot cake!



And then our last dinner in Ireland (in Dublin): spinach risotto.



We really didn’t do too much searching online for food options before our trip. I am sure there are some great veggie places to eat in Ireland (esp. in the bigger cities). But look what you can have with no legwork! I miss that oatmeal from Doolin! So yummy!

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