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Secret Fruit Salad

Here’s another recipe thanks to Pinterest! But boy, my photo certainly does not look like the recipe photo! Maybe I did too much pudding mix and not enough fruit? I didn’t really measure out my fruit, but I did do … Continue reading

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Bean Enchiladas

I wasn’t expecting too much out of this dish. I mean, there’s not much to it! But WOW, were these good??! I bought larger tortillas than I normally do, I had to make two dishes of these, and my husband … Continue reading

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One-Pot Spaghetti

Make spaghetti and mess up only one pot? I’m in! Wow, was this spaghetti GOOD!!!! My 7 year old said it was the better dinner EVER, and my husband and I both exclaimed at least twice how GOOD this was! … Continue reading

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Vegan Roasted Tomato Soup

This soup was really good! And easy! And fast! You’d never know it was vegan, it was so creamy and rich-tasting. I will make this one again, for sure! rating: 9 Vegan Roasted Tomato Soup ( serves 3-4 Ingredients: 8 … Continue reading

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The Perfect Garlic Loaf

This recipe comes to you via Pinterest! The picture posted of this yummy bread is what caught my attention. I had to convert all the measurements, so they may not be precise. I used more cilantro than the recipe calls … Continue reading

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Greek Salad Penne

Wow, this pasta is good! I wasn’t sure how the yellow pepper would fit into the Greek salad “taste”, but it totally did! I added a little bit more olives and feta, since we all love olives and feta here. … Continue reading

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Tuscan Bread and Vegetable Soup (Ribollita)

I expected more out of this soup. It was okay, but not great. My kids hated it. 😦 I had lots of leftovers, and no one ate them. This ended up being kind of bland and kind of blah. Disappointed. … Continue reading

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Italian Fries

This recipes makes A LOT of fries. And I halved it! I couldn’t find vegetarian Romano cheese, so I used Parmesan. These were good, but I didn’t love them. They were too messy to pick up with your fingers, so … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Rice and Lentils

I wasn’t expecting too much out of this dish, but boy! Did it surprise me! This dish was EXCELLENT. My 7 year old said it was the “best dinner ever!” Don’t leave anything out, like the carrots…those on top are … Continue reading

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Classic Red Sauce

This recipe is from Debi Mazar and her husband, Gabriele Corcos. I think the pasta I used (bucatini), was a little too fat for the sauce, and we ended up with a little too much pasta, not enough sauce. The … Continue reading

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