Product Review: Taylor Farms Sweet Kale Chopped Salad

Do you have a Costco in your area? We love ours, and one thing we love is tasting all the samples! This salad was offered as a sample last week, and man, is it good! It’s a bagged salad, but the dressing and the toppings are separate. It’s got: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale,  and chicory, plus toppings of dried cranberries and roasted pumpkin seeds, and then the poppyseed dressing. This salad is so good and crunchy, and the dressing and toppings added just really make it awesome. The bag is enough for 8 servings, and you get 2 packets of dressing and 1 big bag of toppings. I made this 2 nights in a row. It’s not vegan, because the dressing contains egg yolks. My kids thought it was okay, which is great. They hardly ever eat greens, so whatever I can get in them, works.

rating: 9


photo (6)

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