My new favorite lunch

For about two weeks now, I have eaten the same lunch. I call it my “super salad.” I start with a greens mix that I get at Wegmans called “Super Greens”. It has spinach, kale, and chard. Then I add some kind of beans (cannellini, lentils, black beans, etc.). I add a boiled egg, half a sweet potato (that I’ve cooked in the microwave), and half an avocado. For my dressing, I mix together olive oil, some kind of vinegar (today was white wine vinegar), a splash of lemon juice, Dijon, and some honey. There are no set amounts- I mix it up and taste it, adding more honey if needed. I just LOVE this sad, and it fills me up. Not sure when I am going to get sick of it, but we are going on two weeks now, and I have also had it for dinner a couple of times.

photo (28)

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