Product Review: Beyond Meat Beastly Sliders

I was so excited to see these at Whole Foods! I read about The Beast Burger last year in Outside magazine, and have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. Man, was I disappointed. I didn’t see the regular Beast Burger in Whole Foods, but grabbed the slider. There are 6 sliders in a package and they are frozen. I pan-fried them in a little oil, and I have to say, they smelled great while cooking! They even looked like real meat cooking (it was a little scary). I couldn’t get them on the plate fast enough. But, the taste just wasn’t there. They had a very strange aftertaste. Husband said they tasted like the hamburgers you would get in high school (mystery meat, anyone?). I can’t believe with all of that hype, that’s what I got. I am truly bummed about this.

rating: 3

photo (14)

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