Swiss Chard and White Bean Grilled Sammie

This was pretty good! My 9 year old said it was too messy and gave up after eating half of his, but husband ate two of these sandwiches! There was no recipe for the white bean spread (there was a link, but it didn’t work), so I just kind of made my own. I drained two cans of cannellini beans, put them in a food processor with some olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, and salt/pepper. I thought the radishes gave these sandwiches a nice crunch, and hey, what a colorful sammie!

rating: 9

Swiss Chard and White Bean Grilled Sammie

serves 1


2 slices of your favorite bread
baby rainbow Swiss chard
1-2 radishes thinly sliced
tomato slices
2 tbsp white bean spread
vegan butter
salt & pepper


Spread 1 tbsp of the white bean spread on each slice of bread. Layer one slice with Swiss chard & tomatoes, the other slice with radishes seasoned well with salt & pepper. Sandwich the 2 pieces together. Spread one side with vegan butter. Place sandwich buttered side down in a pre heated pan over medium heat, spread the other side with vegan butter. Cook until golden brown and flip, cook the other side the same. Remove from the pan, slice in half & enjoy!

photo (55)

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