Susie’s Overnight Oats

My friend Susie says this is one of her favorite breakfasts! I have to say that I didn’t LOVE mine, but I will keep making it. I am so used to super sweet (processed) oatmeal, so this was a big change. I used frozen blueberries, almond milk, and chopped pecans. I told my friend that I was used to the sweet stuff and this was a big switch, and her advice was: “Chop up a ripe banana and freeze it. Put it in the oatmeal after it’s been cooked and it will melt into the oatmeal and sweeten it up.” This is so easy to make, you just have to remember to make it the night before!

rating: 8

Susie’s Overnight Oats


oatmeal (not instant)
ground flax
milk (I used almond)
choice of toppings (frozen fruit, mixed nuts, etc.)


Add cinnamon (to taste) to oats. Cover oats with skim milk or almond milk. Let sit overnight in fridge. Microwave for two minutes and top with frozen fruit – my favs are strawberries, bananas or blueberries- and maybe a little bit of granola or chopped nuts like almonds or pecans.


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