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5-Ingredient Cozy Pasta Parmesan Soup

Wow, this soup was great! And talk about easy?! My 11 year old didn’t love the Parmesan, but said he wouldn’t mind a different cheese substituted. I ate this soup the next day for lunch as well, and it was … Continue reading

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Green Onion & Rings Soup with Mini White Pizzettes

I really didn’t think my kids would like this. I mean, soup filled with ONIONS, and Liam doesn’t care for spinach too much. But- Liam said this was the BEST DINNER I have EVER MADE. Huh?? It was pretty darn … Continue reading

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Italian “Chicken” Soup

Man, have I been on a “chicken” kick lately, or what?! I should buy stock in Morningstar Farms! I didn’t plan on making this soup for dinner last night (so soon after “chicken” noodle soup and “chicken” salad), but Toby … Continue reading

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Pasta e Fagioli

There’s something about tiny little shapes of pasta that I love. I knew Liam would like this, since it has tiny pasta AND beans. We all really liked this recipe, but, of course, Toby said the celery was too crunchy. … Continue reading

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