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Product Review: Deutsche Kuche Chocolate & Raspberry Strudel

We have recently gotten on the Aldi bandwagon, and we are constantly discovering new items we love! This is one of them! I have only seen two flavors of this strudel, but there may be more. This is the first … Continue reading

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German Oven Pancake

The other night I needed to go to Plan B for dinner, and Plan B was “breakfast food.” I was really craving pancakes, but every recipe I found called for buttermilk, which I didn’t have on hand. Then I came … Continue reading

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Slow-cooker German Potato Soup

Boy, this soup smelled good cooking! But…it ended up being kind of bland. Of course I left off the sausage at the end, but you wouldn’t think that would MAKE the soup, right? We ended up adding some Maggi liquid … Continue reading

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Pan-Browned Spaetzle with Shallots and Herbs

My MIL from Germany visited us a couple of weeks back, and she made several batches of spaetzle for us, and stuck them in the freezer. I wasn’t sure how to cook them, so I searched online, and found this … Continue reading

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Mushroom Stew with Spaetzle

We love spaetzle. Have you ever had it? Basically it is just homemade pasta. I think it’s kind of a pain to make from scratch (at least my German MIL makes it look difficult). I had a bag of spaetzle … Continue reading

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Cheese spaetzle

Ok, so I didn’t make the actual “spaetzle” part. When my MIL from Germany was in town several weeks ago, she made spaetzle twice. Not familiar with spaetzle? Well, according to Wikipedia, spaetzle are a type of egg noodles and … Continue reading

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German Fladle Soup

Ok, this isn’t really a new recipe from me, but we had to use the leftover crepes MIL left for us. This is a common soup in Germany (so says Toby), but it usually contains meatballs I believe. It’s really … Continue reading

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