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Spring Vegetable Grain Bowl

Have you ever tried farro? It’s my new favorite thing! My kids thought it was okay, but husband and I loved it! I had extra farro left over and ate it again for lunch later in the week! I modified … Continue reading

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Grilled Spinach Sandwich

My husband asked me last week why we never used our George Foreman Grill anymore, and I was like “Oh yeah, I forgot we had one of those!” So I came up with this sandwich, and it was very tasty! … Continue reading

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Kale Salad with Cranberries, Goat Cheese, and Pecans

This picture doesn’t do this salad justice. This dish was GREAT! For some reason, I couldn’t find goat cheese, so I had to make the last minute call and go for feta instead. Feta was a good choice! My kids … Continue reading

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Warm Brown Rice and Chickpea Salad with Cherries and Goat Cheese

I was VERY surprised by this recipe. This dish was EXCELLENT! I could eat this every week. My kids didn’t love it, but oh well. This is super-easy to make and comes together in no time. LOVED it. rating: 9.8 … Continue reading

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Grilled Portobello-Goat Cheese Pitas

I thought these would be better. 😦 The best part about this recipe is the bread. I will prepare my pita bread like this from now on! This one just didn’t wow me. Meh. rating: 3 Grilled Portobello-Goat Cheese Pitas … Continue reading

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Summer Vegetable Pasta with Crispy Goat Cheese Medallions

I have been trying to add more “clean” foods to my diet. I happened to get a sample of Eating Well magazine in the mail, and I came across this recipe. This was a lot tastier than I thought it … Continue reading

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Roasted Zucchini, Black Bean + Goat Cheese Enchiladas

We planted zucchini in our garden this year, so this recipe helped me use up our bounty! The zucchini really shrunk down to almost nothing in 30 minutes, so next time I would try 20-25 and see how that goes. … Continue reading

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