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Italian “Chicken” Soup

Man, have I been on a “chicken” kick lately, or what?! I should buy stock in Morningstar Farms! I didn’t plan on making this soup for dinner last night (so soon after “chicken” noodle soup and “chicken” salad), but Toby … Continue reading

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Perfect French Fries

I had a craving for faux-crab cakes, and I knew I needed some kind of potato to go with them. I found this recipe for Perfect French Fries, and yes, they just about are! This is a simple recipe, although … Continue reading

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Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes

This is what I chose to serve with the Tofu Piccata. These were really easy to make and I thought they were really good! The directions don’t say anything about peeling them and dicing them up, but that’s what I … Continue reading

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Tofu Piccata

My one regret with this recipe is that we ran out of tofu! And I even sliced it thinner than the author suggests! I had 8 triangles instead of 4. Liam ate two of them, and Toby and I had … Continue reading

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Outrageous Garlic Soup

Do you like garlic? Like, a lot? If so, you will LURVE this soup! It’s simple, good, fast, and good! Did I mention it’s good? I decided to break out the blender for this one. I love my immersion blender, … Continue reading

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Bowtie Lasagna

Here’s another recipe from the Pioneer Woman (although she got this from the Tasty Kitchen blog). She mentions that this recipe “fell under the umbrella of my “16-Minute Meals” week, and everyone loved it.” This was quick to make, and … Continue reading

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Mushroom Soup

This recipe was featured on the Pioneer Woman’s site (she highlights some fave recipes from her other site, Tasty Kitchen, occasionally). It sounded so good and had good reviews, so I knew I had to try it, hot weather or … Continue reading

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